Taking Legal Action Against a Debtor is The Second Phase In
Our Recovery Process.

Despite every effort to encourage payment, some debtors only react
to court proceedings.

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Various debtors react differently towards legal action. You will find those that will accept the Emoluments Attachment Orders (Garnishee Orders) on their salary, as they benefit from the convenience of paying monthly.

Others realise that finding the funds to repay now becomes a reality, and will save them unnecessary legal costs and the inevitable situation where they have to pay the debt, interest and legal costs should they further delay payment of the capital debt amount.

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We Institute Legal Action on Your Behalf Against Debtors Capable of Paying & Unwilling to Pay.

The skilled team at 1.618 Collections are able to provide the following services:

Drafting letters of demand.
Drafting of Section 345 letters.
Contacting debtors telephonically and via SMS with repetitive follow ups and reminders to pay.
Drafting Acknowledgement of Debt letters.
Tracing (via Credit Bureaus).
Drafting and Issue of Summons.

Applying for Default Judgments.
Applying for Summary Judgments.
Litigation in Defended Actions leading to trial.
Preparation of Warrant of Executions.
Ensuring that assets and property are correctly
executed against.
Assisting debtors who have fully paid up their
debts to clear their name with Credit Bureaus and Courts.