Trusted by leading Listed and Private Companies, particularly leading Insurance Companies, FMCGs and Financial Advisory Companies to resolve debt proficiently in South Africa.

1.618 Collections is the debt collecting arm of the 1.618 Group, a reliable company that has large presence over the whole of South Africa and the UK.

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Use our Debt Collection Services to recover your Company's Debt.

Registered Credit Regulator – NCR.

Council for Debt Collectors - Debt Collection Certificate No. 0127393/21.

We are committed to assisting our clients collect from their debtors in order for them to meet their financial obligations.

We ensure that the debtors contacted are explained the negative effects of a listing with a credit bureau or a Court judgment and we assist the debtor with clearing their names once they have settled their debts.

Our services therefore not only assist our clients but also strive to ensure that the debtors which we contact are assisted, in the best way possible, to keep their names clear and settled their debts. This in turn ensures our contributions towards a more efficiently run South Africa.

1.618 Collections is owned and operated by seasoned financial and legal industry professionals backed by a team of leading researchers and investigative staff.

We are a truly a national debt collection company with the abilities and expertise required to service clients across South Africa.

Irrespective of where your company is based in South Africa, 1.618 Collections is the debt collection agency which is here for you, and due to our ingenious, industry-leading costing model, we are one of very few debt collection companies who are able to offer debt collection services at an affordable and competitive rate that won't negatively impact your business operations, especially when one considers that you are trying to recover a debt as opposed to creating a new one.

Debt Collection Services play a key role in your business operations, irrespective of where you are based in South Africa. This requirement makes finding and partnering with a Debt Collections Agency that understands your business's unique needs an integral part of your financial well-being and success.

1.618 Collections is that company; an industry-leading Debt Collection Agency that specialises in efficient and effective debt collection services across South Africa. What makes 1.618 Collections different to other debt collection companies is our commitment to professionalism, in-depth research and providing legally compliant debt collection services.

We are one of very few debt collection companies who have been entrusted by South Africa’s leading credit providers, and being one of these respected debt collection agencies does not only make us proud but speaks volumes of our abilities in the field of debt collection services, abilities which your company will find invaluable.

Contact us today to discover how 1.618 Collections can make a difference when fulfilling your debt collection needs. From our personal service to our industry-leading success rate, we are here for you.